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    Applying to be Home Secretary



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    Applying to be Home Secretary

    Post by divinity on Thu Nov 26, 2015 4:08 am

    Appliciant:  Divinity
    Applying Position: Home Secretary
    Reason: to contribute more for the alliance

    (1) What attracted you to The Elder Council?
    The friendliness and hospitality of friends around my Island when I just started the game.

    (2) How could you contribute to Alliance life here in TEC?
    I am growing quickly. I will be big donator as well as warrior and advisor.

    (3) Have you been in any other Alliances?

    (4) Do you have any past experience on Ikariam?
    I played this game last 8-10 years ago, cant remember the timing exactly. I was the General of a big Alliance, ever leaded the team to win a hundred thousand army battle which was dragged for the whole 1 month.

    (5) How would you describe your style of gameplay and why? Warrior, Builder, Pillager... Perhaps all three.
    All three.

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