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    Applying for Membership in TEC


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    Applying for Membership in TEC

    Post by DarkGhost on Fri Oct 30, 2015 11:25 pm

    "Welcome to The Elder Council! We are an ever-growing Alliance dedicated to forging out our own free space where new and old players alike can enjoy Ikariam, work together with other players and create new friendships. But why should you join us? We are a constantly growing group of friendly and helpful players who will always be willing to help in a pinch or to guide you. Applications are always open so please feel free to send in your application and join the ranks of The Elder Council"

    Elder Council Leader

    To Apply you need to go HERE and start a new Topic.

    The title for your application should look like this:   Application: <Insert Your Ikariam Ruler Name>. Inside that Topic you should then proceed by placing your <Ikariam Ruler Name> <Your Capital> and its Coordinates [00:00] at the top. It should look like this:-

    Application: DarkGhost
    DarkGhost | Palaven | 20:50

    Once that has been completed you should follow through by answering the questions we have assigned under the heading ‘Let us get to know you’. There are no right or wrong answers, your past won’t make a major influence on our decision. We may have follow up questions but whether you’re accepted is dependent on if we think you’ll fit in with the rest of our members at TEC.

    If someone recruited you, or vouches for you, please name them here.

    (1) What attracted you to The Elder Council?

    (2) How could you contribute to Alliance life here in TEC?

    (3) Have you been in any other Alliances?

    (4) Do you have any past experience on Ikariam?

    (5) How would you describe your style of gameplay and why? Warrior, Builder, Pillager... Perhaps all three.

    Applying In-game is as important as applying on the external forum. If you apply in game and not on the forum you will have been directed here and you will not be approved for full membership until the process on the forum has been completed. Remember that when your applying on Ikariam the abbreviation is TEC and the alliance name is The Elder Council.

    Just follow these steps! You must first research Foreign Cultures ( Seafaring ). After you finish researching Foreign Cultures you have to build an Embassy to gain the 1 diplomacy point needed to join The Elder Council. After you have built an Embassy, simply go to the alliance page and select "Contact Diplomat" from the left-hand side menu and select Request to Join Alliance.


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